credit in the open era

Personalised installment plans for emergencies.
Easy, affordable, and 100% online.


Are you an Insurer?

Improve your customer experience by providing installment plans at the POS, when your policy holders are in need.

finloup for insurers

Are you a Lender?

Reach new profitable customers and maximise your portfolio returns, driven by cutting-edge credit risk technology.

finloup for lenders

Why installment plans for emergencies?

Emergency costs pose a serious threat for people strapped for cash.

Sales increase

The “buy now, pay later” solution for emergencies allows consumers to get services even when they are strapped for cash, in a clear and transparent way.

Improved CX

Insurers support their customers even when out-of-pocket costs arise and they can't cover them. Customers are backed when they need help the most.

Differentiated offering

Insurers are becoming digitally-enabled and shift from discount-based competition to value-add services. Increase loyalty and sales.

Buy now

No need for consumers to visit a bank and fill-out complicated applications. They complete the process on their smartphone at the point-of-service.

No credit score impact

Only soft credit checks when the consumer is not eligible for an installment plan. Finloup shields the consumer - no more toxic loops of credit.

Pay later

Payment is always the same - no unexpected fees. The consumer knows exactly when the plan ends and how much money will be paid-out each month.

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credit in the open era

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