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The easiest and most cost-efficient way to always use the latest model! Learn how you can upgrade with finloup's Fixed 12 leasing plan.

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What are the benefits of technology leasing and how can you apply? Take a look at the main points of our leasing service!

What types of businesses is leasing for?


Top-notch tech without high upfront costs, damage coverage.

Small Business

Up-to-date models, improved cash-flows.


Flexibility in scaling up and down, capital release.

Medium Enterprise

Always high-end devices, minimize operational effort.

How it works



Lease top technology products in just 5’. Choose the device you want and the leasing plan that meets your needs and get started.

Choose the devices you want to lease for your business and add them to your cart.



Log in to your e-banking for the assessment. We'll inform you about the result as soon as possible.

Submit a list of required documents for the assessment process.



Complete the first payment with your card. Your card details will be stored and future payments will be automatically collected each month.

When your request is approved, proceed to the payment of the reimbursable guarantee deposit and the first monthly payment.



Your device will be delivered to you in 5 to 10 working days from the first payment.

The devices you leased are delivered straight to your business space.

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What are the benefits of technology leasing?

Low upfront cost

Top devices without a huge upfront cost.

Total flexibility

Scale up or down, upgrade, return or purchase, according to your needs.

Tax benefits

You can claim the monthly lease as Operational Expenses (OpEx).

Care-free use

Accidental damage coverage, swap device and operational procedures handled by finloup.

All you need to know

What is technology leasing?

With leasing, businesses have total flexibility and control over their technology! They can have access to the equipment they need, with a fixed monthly payment and change devices easily, depending on their needs.

Why is this relevant to my business?

Why commit funds to devices that gradually depreciate? With leasing, a company can better manage cash flow and free up funds for other important investments. Also, you can always use up-tp-date models, without the high costs that come with their purchase.

Are the devices covered against damage?

F-protect offers coverage for the first repair of the equipment in case of accidental damage, swap device and the manufacturer's warranty for any hardware or software issue. In other words, use the devices carefree and let finloup handle any problem!

Leasing VS Buying

Upfront cost

Choosing leasing, you have low upfront costs

Choosing buying, you have high upfront costs

Access to tech

Choosing leasing, you enjoy regular upgrades

Choosing buying, you get stuck with outdated models

Financial flexibility

Choosing leasing, you have better cash-flows

Choosing buying, you have high Capital Expense that affects liquidity

Accidental damage

Choosing leasing, you have damage coverage

Choosing buying, you have to pay for any repairs

What happens in case of damage?

Every leasing plan includes the manufacturer's guarantee for hardware and software issues and finloup' s f-protect, which allows you to use your equipment care-free!

Accidental damage

If the devices are damaged beyond normal use (e.g. broken screen or water), the guarantee deposit you paid at the start of the leasing is used to repair them, and any extra cost is paid by finloup. The business covers the entire repair cost if the devices are damaged a second time.

Swap device

f-protect includes a temporary replacement device, for as long as it takes to repair the device you lease. The temporary device we offer you has the same or similar characteristics as the device you lease and is delivered straight to your workspace.

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