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What you need to know

What is finloup' s Affiliate Program?

Sign up for our Affiliate Program and start earning a lucrative commission for every business you refer that completes a leasing plan. Plus, you offer added value to your clients to boost retention!

What is finloup' s service?

Finloup' s technology leasing service allows businesses to have access to the latest electronic devices, with fixed monthly payments, while they can change devices easily according to their needs.

What are the benefits for businesses?

By choosing technology leasing, a company can better manage its cash-flows and release funds for other important investments. Also, it can always use up-tp-date models, without the high costs that come with their purchase.

Who can be an Affiliate Partner?

Every companiy with a business clientele can sign-up for the Program! If you're a Digital Agency, a Website Development Agency, a Logistics company or you provide any other product/service to buisnesses, join us now.

What are the benefits of the Affiliate Program?

Generous commission

Watch your revenue grow by earning a commission with every client you refer to finloup.

Customer retention

Boost your customers' satisfaction by offering them a valuable service.

Added benefits

Enjoy more benefits as an Affiliate Partner, like special discounts on your own leasing plans.

Free sign-up

Our Program is free to join! Which means, you only earn more for every referal you make!

How it works


Fill in your details and we'll call you as soon as possible to discuss our potential partnership.

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After having talked about yours and your clients' needs, we'll send you a partnership offer.

Start earning

After you accept our offer and complete your sign-up to the Program, start earning for every referal!

What types of businesses is leasing for?


Top-notch tech without high upfront costs, damage coverage.

Small Business

Up-to-date models, improved cash-flows.


Flexibility in scaling up and down, capital release.

Medium Enterprise

Always high-end devices, minimize operational effort.