Fixed leasing plan

What is the Fixed leasing plan?finloup’ s Fixed 12-months plan is a new option to lease the product you want. Choosing the Fixed leasing plan, you can lease your device with a lower monthly payment (compared to Flex) and a closed 12-months contract.This means that you have to keep your leasing plan for 12 months and you cannot return the product whenever you want (unlike the Flex plan, with which you have the flexibility to return it anytime).

What happens if I cancel my Fixed leasing plan early?If you cancel your plan before the 12-months standard period, you don’ t receive back your guarantee deposit and you will also pay an early cancellation fee.The early cancellation fee is equal to the remaining monthly payments for the completion of the plan.

Can I own the product after some time?If you keep your leasing for 30 months, you can then own the product by paying one more monthly payment.If your guarantee deposit hasn’t been used for any repairs, you can own your device in 28 months!

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