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Company size

50-100 employees


30 iPhones


Team equipment & Quality Assurance

Hellas Direct x Finloup

The need

Hellas Direct's QA department needs to ensure the highest quality standards in their rapidly evolving digital environment. To thoroughly test and validate their mobile applications and digital services, the team required access to the latest iPhones and Android smartphones.

The challenge

Purchasing these devices outright would have meant a significant upfront investment and the constant need to keep up with new releases. Moreover, older devices would have ended up in the drawer, producing e-waste.

The solution

Finloup provided an ideal solution with our technology leasing plans. Hellas Direct was able to lease the latest iPhones and Androids for their QA team, ensuring they always had access to cutting-edge technology without the financial burden of outright purchase.

The impact

Liquidity retention

Low upfront costs help Hellas Direct to preserve capital for other strategic investments.


Leasing allows easy upgrades and scaling up/down according to the company's needs.

Lower costs

The company benefits from zero repair or disposal costs, which minimizes unexpected expenses.

ESG enhancement

HD chose a sustainable service that decreases e-waste and improves its ESG indicators.

CEO, Hellas Direct

Aimilios Markou

"Partnering with finloup has been a game-changer for our QA department. Their leasing plans provided us with the devices we needed and allowed us to remain flexible and reduce Quality Assurance costs".

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