A cost-effective way to use the latest smartphone every year!

With finloup's leasing service, your team always has access to the newest, most powerful smartphones on the market. Upgrade with less money and less e-waste!

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How to upgrade every year

Start your plan

Lease the smartphone you want with our Fixed 12 plan with a 12-month duration.

Return the device

When your plan ends, return the device to finloup, so we refurbish and repurpose it.

Continue with the latest model

Renew your leasing plan for 12 months with the newest model.

Keep upgrading

Upgrade to the latest model every year by renewing the Fixed 12 leasing plan.

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What are the benefits of upgrading with finloup?

Lower cost

Upgrading with our 12-month leasing plan is much more cost-effective than buying-seeling-buying a new smartphone every year.

Damage coverage

Accidental damage coverage costs extra money, raising the total cost of ownership! Our Fixed 12 plan includes damage coverage without extra cost.

Less e-waste

By choosing leasing, you ensure that your previous device doesn't end up in the drawer or in the landfill. The devices that you return to us are repurposed sustainably.

Upgrade: Leasing vs Buying

Cost of using an iPhone 15 Pro for 12 months and upgrading to the newest model. The example is based on the usual retail price of a new iPhone model within the year of its launch. VAT is not invluded in the following prices.

  • Purchase of an iPhone 15 Pro for 900€, within the year of its launch
  • Extra damage coverage for 139€*
    *based on insurance products equal to the f-protect coverage by finloup
  • Sell in 12 months for 530€**
    **based on the Pandas used devices value calculator
  • No discount
  • No flexibility

Total cost
603,00€ or more

  • Leasing iPhone 15 Pro with 45,00€ / month, within the year of its launch
  • F-protect with no extra cost
  • Free return in 12 months
  • Option for pre-payment with 5% discount (42,75€ / month)
  • Frexibility to scale up/down

Total cost
513,00€ (42,75€ x 12), fixed

New smartphone every year!

  • Affordable monthly lease
  • Easy upgrade
  • Damage coverage
  • Sustainable option
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